In February 2018, Colorado Parks and Wildlife continued their ongoing study of pronghorn movement and behavior in southeastern Colorado by capturing and radio-collaring five additional animals on the Chico. One yearling doe, g462, has since traveled 56 miles north of the ranch to Larkspur, Colorado, crossing at least three highways along the way. Some of the interesting data yielded by the CPW study shows pronghorn behavior around highways; they are often observed spending several days or weeks moving alongside the highway before crossing, indicating that they are hesitant to do so.

Comparison of locations for GPS collared pronghorn g287 and g462, the two pronghorn who have made the farthest straight-line distance movements of any animals collared in the study to date. G287 was captured in February 2016 and died in October 2016. G462 was captured in February 2018 and is alive as of 30 May 2018.

Read the full report by Julie Stiver: “Pronghorn Movement and Survival in Southeastern Colorado STATUS Report 2017-2018”

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