Make Your Own: Stamped Coasters


Looking for a fun activity to do at home? We have added a couple of make-your-own kits to help inspire some creativity! No need to leave the house- we have included the essentials and with the help from some everyday home objects, you'll have everything you need to make fun leather coasters for yourself or friends!

Stamping or tooling leather is a traditional method used to make leather goods more aesthetically pleasing and unique. With this kit, you'll be able to learn the basics of tooling and create all sorts of designs. The three stamps that are included will be useful for future projects as well!

To keep the cost down for you, these kits utilize parts of the hide that may have blemishes and slight color variations.

How to make your own stamped coasters instructions. 

Premium vegetable tanned leather sourced from US tanneries

Latigo carry strap

Metal stamp tool

4" square or circle

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